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Jazz Piano Essentials

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The purpose of this book is to provide the students with clear information about what they should know when they graduate from the conservatory.

After 15 years of teaching jazzpiano at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and the Conservatory of Amsterdam I discovered that the ‘natural’ talents will always develope into great jazzpianists anyway (just by listening to the recordings of the great masters), but there’s also a large group of students that need practical information and clear assignments how to study and what to work on.

Also the fact that the government reduced the lenght of the study to 4 (!) years makes it even more important to study efficiently to gain a reasonable level of musicianship.

Besides that there’s also a number of students that seem to find a way to escape from studying the essentials, by working on a very limited part of jazzpiano music. It’s good to develope your own style off course, but studying also other styles will actually expand your possibilities to work after finishing the school!

It’s not necessary to study all the pianostyles chronologically (I started working on bebop after my graduation...) as long as you do study them!

In the chapters I will give clear examples and exercises to study; feel free to make as many variations as possible! I expect the student to work on at least 5 keys. Later on return to the same exercise and do the other 7 keys to complete it. Favourite (jazz-) keys to start with are: C, F, Bb, Eb and G and their minor keys Ami, Dmi, Gmi, Cmi and Emi.

We will work on tunes to which the exercise can be applied. For example 5-note chords on a major II – V – I : Green Dolphin Street, Afternoon in Paris, Ornithology.

To conclude this prefix I have to admit that we must not forget that jazz is all about personal expression and interaction/communication between musicians and about developing your own style of playing, however graduating at a conservatory is also about knowledge (especially when you want to become a teacher yourself!) and skill (to be a versatile and usefull musician).

So let’s get rolling and study the essentials of jazzpiano! Good luck! is part of Rich-Es
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